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Forest Park

 Parks and natural landscapes

Datanbi Park
Name:Forest Park
Village:Budai Village
Location :Siongnan Road, Budai Village, Guanmiao District
Features:The residents of Guanmiao used to call Forest Park as Bao An Park. The Park was later renamed as Guanmiao Eco-Recreational Park. The modern name of Guanmiao Forest Park was only acquired in 2002. In-cluding the man-made forest on the eastern side, the total forested land would cover over 100 hectares. The area was seldom visited in the past. However, in the past decade, the District Office has invested significant quantities of manpower and expenses, which includes gazebos and landscaping that cost NT$ 5 million in 2001, NT$ 2.8 million forest resto-ration construction project as well as NT$ 5.4 million soil and water con-servation established from 2002 to 2005, as well as NT$ 5.38 million for pedestrian walkway beautification and construction project from 2006 to 2007. In 2007, the District Office worked with the Department of Farm-ers Service of the Council of Agriculture to acquire additional recrea-tional farming construction expenses to convert the Park into a hinter-land in Greater Tainan for eco-education and recreational purposes.
Guanmiao Forest Park is located in Shenkeng Village and Budai Village, and is a large natural forested area that measures a total of 65.6 hec-tares in size. With the exception of individual parcels of privately owned land, the rest of the Park is wholly owned by the nation. Park administra-tors include the National Property Administration of the Ministry of Fi-nance and the Forestry Bureau of the Council of Agriculture. Guanmiao District Office has currently extended its lease of the Park.
The Park is considered a highland of Guanmiao District, and is about 40 to 90 meters above sea level with drastic rises and falls. The Forest Park serves as an important natural resource of Guanmiao District and is highly accessible, being conveniently connected to Taiwan 19A Ex-pressway and Freeway No. 3 Guanmiao Resting Station. The Forest Park can be regarded as the Yangmingshan resort of southern Taiwan and the perfect destination for people who wish to bask in a refreshing natural environment.