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About Guanmiao

Government Agencies and groups

Contact numbers of Government Agencies

Name of Agency Address Telephone
Guanmiao District Household Registration Office No‭. ‬19‭, ‬Wenheng Road‭, ‬Guanmiao District ‭5952062

Guanmiao Dispatch Office

No‭. ‬19‭, ‬Wenheng Road‭, ‬Guanmiao District 5952013
Guanmiao Branch‭, ‬Tainan City Government Fire Department No. 185, Section 2, Jhongshan Road, Guanmiao District 5952895
Guanmiao District Post Office No. 222, Jhongyang Road, Guanmiao Dis-trict 5952009
Guanmiao District Health Center No. 1000, Jhongjheng Road, Guanmiao District 5952395

Contact numbers of Government Agencies

Name of  agency Address Telephone

Guanmiao District Public Service Station

No. 115, Jhongsiao Street, Guanmiao District 5952154

Guanmiao District Farmer's Association

No. 963, Jhongjheng Road, Guanmiao District 5952626

Guanmiao Service Station of Taiwan Power Company

No. 168, Section 2, Jhongshan Road, Guanmiao Dis-trict 5952059

Chunghwa Telecom Guanmiao Service Center

No. 113, Jhongsiao Street, Guanmiao District 5952813

Guanmiao Station

No. 137, Section 2, Jhongshan Road, Guanmiao Dis-trict 5952005

Shansi Gong of Guanmiao

No. 37, Jhengyi Street, Guanmiao District 5952135

Suanwu Tan of Guanmiao Village

No‭. ‬45‭, ‬Minsheng Street‭, ‬7th Neighborhood‭, ‬Guanmiao Village‭, ‬Guanmiao District 5961301

Suanwu Tan of Shanxi Village

No‭. ‬189‭, ‬Wenheng Road‭, ‬9th Neighborhood‭, ‬ShanSi Village‭, ‬Guanmiao District 5958571

Guanyin Si of Siangyang Village

No. 28, Lane 54, Jhongyang Road, Siangyang Village, Guanmiao District 5960175
Daitian Fu of Beishih No. 106, Beishih Village, Guanmiao District 5957773