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District Chief‭


District Executive:‬Su-chu Wang‭
District Chief‭: ‬Su-chu Wang
Academic background‭:‬‭ ‬Graduate institute‭, ‬Tainan University of Technology
‬Section‭ ‬member‭, ‬Guiren Township Office
Secretary of the People's Representative of the Guanmiao Township
‬Director of the Secretary's Office of the Guanmiao District
Chief Secretary of Guanmiao District


A word from our District Chief‭:‬‭ ‬
Marketing the Beauty of Guanmiao‭ ‬–‭ ‬A Town with Fine Landscape‭, ‬Mountainous Vistas‭, ‬and Flowing Rivers
Guanmiao is known for its beautiful mountains, flowing rivers, and wonderful landscape. The district is well furnished with recreational des-tinations and tourist resources. Our natural landscapes include the Bitan cultural zone, while human landscapes include various settlements, reli-gious areas, as well as bamboo and rattan goods manufacturing zones. Recreational resources include the famous Shansi Gong, Puti Si of Cianfoshan, and Singuang Village Painting Areas. Natural landscapes include Guanmiao Forest Park, and Datanpi Wanglai Park. Our famous agricultural produce include Guanmiao pineapples and bamboo shoots. Guanmiao noodles also serve as a symbol of local cuisine. 

Currently, Guanmiao District is in desperate need of overall integration with internal and external resources of the Tainan City Metropolitan Development Areas, High Speed Rail special development zones, as well as Gueiren District. First-rate industrial advantages were used to develop hands-on and organic farm produce so that tourism and farming can be integrated. Advantages of natural terrain can be integrated with natural resources surrounding our administrative district in order to in-vigorate the tourism industry and encourage commercial development. The bus interchange could be used as a farm produce exhibit center so that stores selling Guanmiao noodles and processed pineapple products could be gathered to form a commercial zone, using creative marketing to stimulate new business opportunities.