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White Book for Public Services

 Public Services White Book for the Guanmiao District Office‭, ‬Tainan City
I‭.‬Principles of our services
The District Office is one of the most basic level of administrative unit‭. ‬We are at the front line of civil administration‭, ‬working most closely and directly with the general public to handle their affairs‭. ‬The performance of the District Office is a direct reflection of the government's image‭.‬
‭ ‬ Given the liberalisation of public administration and the needs of adapt-ing to industrial, commercial, and social developments, the government has gradually transformed from its traditional supervisory role into a ser-vice-oriented institution. Drastic changes in social modernisation and technological advancements allow rapid flow of data that shortens both temporal and spatial distances. Availability of quick access and handling of information regarding public administration and projects are becoming key trends in the people's expectations of public administration perfor-mance. In order to achieve the objectives of public convenience and benefits, promoting public welfare has become the cornerstone of dis-trict administration.
Guanmiao District Office is able to adhere to good traditions in its search for constant renovation and change‭, ‬adhering to our‭ ‬administrative principles and service objectives of‭ ‬incorruptibility‭, ‬performance‭, ‬simple governance‭, ‬public convenience‭, ‬and public benefits‭. ‬We hope that the new service environment will provide district residents with more convenient services‭. ‬The scope of our administrative services include civil and cultural administration‭, ‬social affairs‭, ‬agricultural and construction areas‭,‬‭ ‬military services‭, ‬health insurances‭, ‬and various public service work‭. ‬To provide more convenient and efficient public services‭, ‬we employ pro-active‭, ‬dedicated‭, ‬and innovative administrative operations integrated with modern computer technology‭.‬

II‭.‬ Measures‭ ‬for public convenience
No‭ ‬afternoon breaks:‬
In order to improve public service quality, personnels have been sta-tioned in the District Office from Monday to Friday (with the exception of public holidays) to handle affairs brought forth by visiting members of the public. Anyone is welcome to visit the District Office at noon to han-dle relevant affairs. Fellow staff members in the District Office are there to assist with comprehensive services.
Mediation Services‭:‬
The Mediation Committee of Guanmiao District is‭ ‬composed of passionate individuals with extensive legal backgrounds and knowledge‭. ‬The Committee refers to existing laws to handle civil affairs and mediate cases that are indictable only upon complaint‭. ‬Mediation services are offered for free‭. ‬To learn how to apply for mediation‭, ‬please contact the Mediation Committee Secretary at this telephone number‭: ‬06-596-0826‭. ‬The Committee‭ ‬will do its best to help‭.‬
‭ ‬Complaints‭, ‬recommendations‭, ‬or inquiries‭:‬
If you feel displeased with the District Office's services or if you need any services regarding this District's services‭, ‬we welcome you to use the following channels to provide your valuable opinions‭, ‬corrections‭, ‬and feedbacks‭:‬
(1)Global website of Guanmiao District Office‭ - ‬Public Services‭ - ‬Exchanging Opinions‭

III‭.‬ Future commitment and revolution
Convenience‭, ‬benefit‭, ‬professionalism‭, ‬efficiency‭, ‬innovation and respect‭ ‬are our commitment towards the general public and our standards for district administration quality‭. ‬Every District Office staff member is required to demonstrate professional knowledge or‭ ‬undergo relevant training on various administrative laws‭. ‬Every staff‭ ‬member‭ ‬is also required to provide the best service for visiting members of the public in order to create a harmonious work environment‭ ‬where‭ ‬every fellow member of the public is treated‭ ‬as our VIP and every fellow staff is part of the Guanmiao family‭. ‬We strive to become the District Office with the highest public satisfaction scores as well as the best workplace rating to achieve our common goal of becoming the benchmark for‭ ‬district‭ ‬offices in the region‭.‬